Home Remedies for Natural Health Causes

Home Remedies are the best alternative medicine to cure natural causes of common illness without any side effects.

My mother thought me these home remedies are best to cure the natural causes in our regular life. Even today also, I use these traditional home remedies to cure the following causes: acidity, acne, body pains, back pain, cold, ears hearing, eyes vision, hair loss, headache, toothache, weight loss, wounds etc in my daily life.

I have tried to collect a very small portion of some of the NATURAL HOME REMEDIES FOR COMMON AILMENTS from my past experience and other resources to share with others. Your experience and knowledge is always welcome to be shared with others. Your feedback will be highly appreciated.

Why Alternative Treatments are more popular Now a days

Because home remedies cure any problem permanently without any side effects. I prefer to try home remedies at your home for natural casues for yourself.

I know everyone have some problem even its minor or major, but most of the people avoid it till it becomes a major effect to your health. So i would suggest you to try as soon as you know the problem.

Here whatever remedies i suggest you are all my real life used ones. I always made by using available items in your home, which will have in anybody's house, so need to buy any special items to purchase.

Quick n Easy Household Remedy Tips:

Easy Remedy for Acne / Pimples

- Always keep your face clean & make sure to clean with light cold water when you came from outside.
- Don't eat spicy food till your acne or pimples cure.
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Easy Remedy for Acidity

- Take one glass of butter milk before going to bed every night.
- Have one glass of sugar water (add 3 table spoons of sugar to 250 ml of water) for every 6 hours.
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Easy Remedy for Body Care

- Apply coconut oil to your body before going to bed.
- Don't take food items which contains high in salt.
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Easy Remedy for Hair Loss

- Apply Cocunut milk to your hair and wash after some time helps to prevent hair loss.
- Apply egg yolk and massage slowly to hair and wait for an hour and wash it.
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Easy Remedy for Ears

- If you have ear infection, fill 3 to 5 drops of coconut oil in your infected ear and close with cotton before going to bed.
- Clean your ears daily with water while taking bath, which will prevents you from ear ache & infections.

Easy Remedy for Eyes

- Always wash your eyes with cold water when you feel your eyes are tired.
- Place cucumber slices on your closed eyes for about 1 hour for eyes care.
Also learn similar kind of easy homemade tips to care of your eyes @ home yourself.

House Treatments for Cold

- Take hot ginger tea twice a daily
- Take 5 litres of water in a large bowl and add 50 grams of turmeric to it and boil it. Keep that boild water bowl on floor and sit a side and cover the blanket on you & hot water and now breathe that hot vapours for 5 mins, it will give instant relief to your nozzles & feels like free from cold. If you do twice a day will relieves you from cold.

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Why to Learn Alternative Treatments to cure common diseases

Natural home remedies are the remedy tips to cure health problems related to human being or any living thing on earth. These are the great gifts of nature which were given to us, but in fact most of the people don't know because lack of knowledge or short of time due to busy with their regular routines.

Now you will learn how home remedies can prepare yourself at home with using available items in your kitchen. No need to shop any extra items to prepare home remedies for the treatment or cures for any simple health related problem.

Discover complete information on Home remedies tips and natural cures for common health problems. Learn how home remedies used for the treatment of common ailments and diseases.

We update home remedies on daily basis. keep your regular visit gets you more home remedies for free. Feel free to contribute your own home remedy so that others may benefit from your experiences!