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Burns Causes

Burns a physical injury which is caused by contact with hot fluids such as electrical, scalds or electromagnetic energy, intense heat, boiling water or strong chemicals may causes damage to skin and exposed mucosa surfaces. When Burn happens there will be a much pain and immediate damage your skin.

Burms Symptoms

First-Degree Burns

  1. Red skin
  2. Mild pain
  3. Minor Swelling

Second-Degree Burns

  1. Swelling
  2. Blisters
  3. Peeling of the skin
  4. Severe pain
  5. Wet-looking area, with bright pink to cherry red color

Third-Degree Burns (All Layers)

  1. Very severe pain
  2. Charred skin
  3. Numbness

General Household Tips

An open flame is the important cause of burn wound for adults, while hot is the leading cause of burn injury for children. Here are some tips:

  1. Avoid burns from occurrence by making your home safe
  2. Never leave a cigarette or candle unattended
  3. Check electrical wiring and switch open plugs off at the wall frequently
  4. Remove chemicals and store cleaning materials out of accomplish of children
  5. Cups of hot tea, pans on the stove, kettles and hot baths water are scalding dangers because never leave your child. These all are especially dangerous for energetic child who tend to explore the house

General anti-burn tips for child safety

  1. Always observe your child and test the water in the bath tub yourself only before dip your child. Children have sensitive skin can burn very easily from water that is too hot.
  2. Don�t forget switch off all electrical appliances after using such as radios, hair dryers, iron box and curling irons.

Burns Home Remedies

  1. Apply ink on burns area will helps to reduce the swelling and burning sensation. It will also help to cure burns very soon.
  2. Pour cold water immediate on the burned area because it heals the burning sensation and prevents formation of blisters.
  3. Applying Honey regularly on the burning area and it will remove the burning scars.
  4. Make a paste of Harad (Hartiki) powder with Honey and applied on the burns to decrease the burning and helps faster.
  5. Direct apply raw Potato or Potato paste applied on the burns area will helps to reducing burning and heals very fast.
  6. Turmeric paste is applied on the burned wounds to get rid of burning sensation very fast.
  7. Applying Ghee on the burns area and it will help to cure burning sensation and heals faster.
  8. Mango leaves burnt and their powder sprinkle on the burns area to heals faster.
  9. Applying Mustard oil (Sarson ka teil) on the burns helps to better relief from burning sensation.
  10. Direct apply of Aloe Vera (Gwar patha) juice regularly on the burns which helps to cure burning and removing scars also.
  11. Make a thick paste of Sesame seeds (Til) and applied as a thick paste on the burns to heal faster.
  12. Apply thick paste of Sugar on the burning part will help to reduce the burning sensation.
  13. Banana paste applied on the burns part for reducing the burning.
  14. Grind the fresh Carrot and its paste apply on the burns area will helps to cures the burning sensation.
  15. Applying thick paste of Fenugreek seeds (Menthi) on the burns helps to get better relief from burning.
  16. Applying Glycerin on the burns reduces burning sensation immediately.
  17. Mix tamarind leaves with gingili oil to make a smooth paste and apply it on burns area. It will helps to keeps the injury way from the moisture and germs.
  18. Neem water is very helpful to treat the injuries due to Burns and it will heal the skin fast and prevents an allergies or infections.