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Dandruff is the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp (not to be confused with a dry scalp). Dandruff is sometimes caused by frequent exposure to extreme heat and cold.

Dandruff is a common scalp disorder affecting almost half of the population at the pre-pubertal age and of any gender and ethnicity. In some cultures, dandruff is considered aesthetically displeasing. It often causes itching. It has been well established that keratinocytes play a key role in the expression and generation of immunological reactions during dandruff formation. The severity of dandruff may fluctuate with season as it often worsens in winter.



  1. Ringworm
  2. Dermatitis
  3. Dry skin (but flakes from dry skin are generally smaller and less oily than those caused by dandruff)
  4. Seborrheic dermatitis
  5. Psoriasis
  6. Cradle cap (most common in newborns
  7. Contact dermatitis

Hormonal fluctuations; stress; neurological disorders, (such as Parkinson’s disease); a weakened immune system; those recovering from a stroke or heart attack, infrequent shampooing and extra sensitivity to the fungus that may contribute to the development of dandruff may make an individual more susceptible to the condition.

Other influencing factors include age (Dandruff usually begins in young adulthood and continues through middle age) and gender (more men than women have dandruff, men also have larger sebaceous glands that produce an oil called sebum).

While Dandruff is a chronic condition, it can almost always be controlled. Over the counter, dandruff shampoos may succeed in the short term and prescription shampoos containing Zinc pyrithione, Tar-based shampoos, salicylic acid, Selenium sulfide and Ketoconazole may have side effects or worsen the condition � over-drying the skin and causing irritation. Steroid lotions may also be prescribed but may be too harsh for sensitive scalps.


  1. Look for white flakes in your hair. These are flakes of dead skin that have scaled from your scalp and are the first symptoms of dandruff.
  2. Look at the flakes in your hair and on your clothes. If they are small, white and dry looking, then they are symptoms caused by your scalp’s reaction to cold weather, often in conjunction with indoor temperatures that are too high.
  3. Notice the colour and thickness of the skin flakes from your dandruff. Very thick flakes that appear oily or silvery are most likely the result of dandruff caused by psoriasis.
  4. Recognize the symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis, perhaps the most common cause of dandruff in people.
  5. Recognize that dandruff can be caused by your skin reacting to various common household hair products.



Keep a clean scalp. Use shampoo regularly. Let shampoo remain on the scalp for five minutes before you rinse thoroughly. You can choose from many OTC shampoos that are available in the market for dandruff.


Avoiding stress may help you fight dandruff.


Avoid chemical treatment of hair. Avoid using hair care products that are chemically based such as sprays, pomades etc.


Eat a healthy and well-balanced diet.


It is observed that instances of dandruff reduce in summer. That provides a thought that sunlight may be good for treating dandruff.


  1. Use lukewarm water for a head bath, which will help to clean dandruff very effectively.
  2. Applying Mahua Tree oil to the scalp helps to remove dandruff. This is one of the most beneficial traditional Indian herbs for dandruff.
  3. A mix of two portions of Asteraceae leaves juice and 1 portion of sesame seed oil. Heat these together and filter the oil after it becomes a good mixture. Massage your scalp with this oil and wait for 2 to 3 hours of time. This procedure will help to remove dandruff completely.
  4. Mix the water with pulp extracted from Balanites Aegyptiaca fruit till you see foam. Apply this mixture to the hair scalp and wash your hair after some time helps to remove dandruff.
  5. Fenugreek (menthi) paste applied on the scalp an hour before taking bath helps to overcome the Dandruff problem.
  6. Applying Lemon juice on the scalp for an hour before taking bath helps to overcome Dandruff.
  7. sour curd applied on the scalp 10 minutes before taking bath helps to get rid of Dandruff.
  8. Reetha (soap nut) used for washing hair helps to get relief from Dandruff.
  9. Indian gooseberries (amla)paste applied on the scalp before taking bath helps to get relief to FROM Dandruff
  10. Hibiscus leaves are boiled in a small quantity of water and used along with shikaki as a hair wash instead of soap, shampoo helps in reducing the Dandruff problem. this is a natural hair conditioner.
  11. GRAM flour (Besan) MIXED mixed with curd applied on the scalp before bath helps to remove Dandruff.
  12. Boiled Beetroot leaves used for washing hairs helps to get rid of Dandruff.
  13. Regular oil massage on the scalp helps to get relief from Dandruff.
  14. Neem paste or sweet neem (curry patta) paste mixed with Basil(Tulsi)PASTE applied on the scalp helps to remove Dandruff.
  15. Grinded pigeon pea (Arhar dal) applied on the scalp before taking bath helps to remove Dandruff.
  16. APPLYING Crushed raw papaya (papita)paste on the scalp 10 minutes before taking bath is very helpful. this process assists in the exfoliation of dandruff flakes and slows down fungal growth. papaya contains the enzyme papain which is very helpful in reducing dandruff and hair fall problems.
  17. Boil the fresh neem leaves in water for 1/2 hour. Filter the liquid & cool, apply the juice on hair and soak for 10 minutes. Wash it away while bathing.
  18. Add six spoonfuls of water, two spoonfuls of pure vinegar and apply it on the scalp with cotton wool before going to bed. Tie a towel around your head to protect the pillow. Wash your hair the next morning. After shampooing, rinse again with vinegar water. Continue this once a week for at least three months.
  19. Mix a spoonful of lemon juice with two spoonfuls of vinegar and massage on the scalp. Wash your hair with an egg shampoo after this.
  20. Soak fenugreek (methi) seeds in yoghurt overnight and apply the curd on your scalp for half an hour before washing in the morning.
  21. Hair washed with methi seed paste prevents dandruff, falling hair, baldness and dandruff keeping the hair long, healthy and black. Just soak the fenugreek seeds overnight in water to soften the seeds and grind in the morning to make a paste. Before hair wash, apply this paste to the scalp and hair and leave it on for half an hour. Wash off with shampoo later.
  22. Beat two eggs and add two tablespoons of water to it. Wet the hair and apply the egg mixture over the hair. Now massage your scalp and let the mixture on for ten minutes to fifteen minutes. Then rinse the hair with lukewarm water. This will keep both dandruff and hair fall problems away from you.
  23. Soak a few (4-5) tablets of camphor in your hair oil (coconut) to keep away dandruff and lice.
  24. To get rid of dandruff apply the following mixture once or twice a week. Keep for 20-25 minutes before washing off with a mild soap or shampoo. Warm together, 1 tbsp. curds, 2 tsp. oil and 1 tsp. lemon juice.


Here are some useful researched Dandruff articles, which can give you some more beneficial information on Dandruff.

How to remove Dandruff?
Dandruff is the major problem that is usually seen in most people. This will mainly cause hair loss and it creates head lice in the hair. So in controlling these kinds of problems, removing dandruff with healthy home remedies are highly preferable. These remedies are suitable for both men and women of all ages. To overcome dandruff here are some natural tips which will be useful.

We update our home remedies for health daily. Please visit regularly to find more home remedies tips for Dandruff. Feel free to contribute your own home remedy so that others may benefit from your experiences!

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