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Lets discover the traditional home remedies to turn your white hair to black hair and also know the tips on how to avoiding the white hair. So far no one site written what is the main cause of white hair, which we have given for your reference purpose.

What Causes White Hair

White hair causes are increase of Vata (fire) and pitta (air) in your body. When these are raised at the same time then they will become strong and reach to your head and control to raise kapha (water) so your hair becomes white. This is the main reason of the white hair.

Another White Hair Causes are

  1. Stress
  2. Vitamin deficiency
  3. Smoking
  4. Thyroid problem

White Hair Symptoms

  1. Thinning of hair
  2. Frequent Headache
  3. Changing the hair color gradually

Tips for Avoiding White Hair

  1. Hair oil is good for preventing hair fall. It is also helps to get rid of White hair problem.
  2. Use less salt and chilli powder in your regular food recipes.
  3. Eat citrus fruits daily as it is a good diet.
  4. Try to eat triphala churna regularly will help to reduce the White hair.

Home Remedies for White Hair

White hair treatment at young age

  • 100 grams of white color of “Rice Field Weed” total tree juice mix with 400 grams of drinking water and heat on a stove till it becomes 200 grams of decoction.
  • Later filter this decoction and add 100 grams of black sesame seeds oil.
  • Now again heat this mixture and wait till it remains only oil.
  • Once again filter this oil with plain cloth and store it for further use.
  • Applying this oil to the hair daily will helps to turn white hair to black hair especially at teenage.

Sesame Oil for White Hair
Heat sesame oil (black sesame seeds oil) with Marking Nut (Nalla Jeedi) on a stove with low flame. Later filter the oil with plain cloth and applying this oil to hair can helps to change white hair to black hair.

Goat Horns and Sesame Seeds Oil for White Hair
Make a ash of goat horns and mix with sesame seeds oil. Applying of this mixture to your scalp can helps in changing of your white hair to black hair gradually. This is very beneficial home remedy for white hair treatment.

Onion for White Hair
Make a fine form of paste with onion seeds and apply to the scalp. After half an hour wash with shikakai regularly can helps to turn your white hair to black and also stronger hair roots. Onion hair treatment is the best natural home remedy for white hair.

White Hair Treatment using Guntagalagara Aaku
Make the Thistle leaves (Guntagalagara aku) dried out after that powder it. Apply this powder to the hair by mixing it with oil. This is the preferable white hair treatment at home which helps to make the white hair in to black naturally.